• Image of Orbit Culture Axe Fx II / AX8 Preset Pack - Vol. 1

Orbit Culture Axe Fx II / AX8 Preset Pack - Vol. 1

5x Rhythm Tones
2x FX Tones (Atmosphere etc.)
1x Clean Tone

Redfog [Rhythm]
Severe Anger [Rhythm]
Severe Twenty One [Rhythm]
Severe Recto [Rhythm]
Severe Recto 2 [Rhythm]

Haunting Atmos [FX, Atmospheric]
Atmos Cleaner [FX, Atmospheric]

Jazz Cleaner [Clean]


*This is a digital product for Axe Fx II/Ax8 users. The box in the product image is only for display purposes and does not exist in real life. No physical box will be sent to you.

*We regretfully state that, due to the irrevocable nature of digital goods, we are unable to issue a refund on any purchase of this product.

*Your sound from presets stated above may sound different due to the nature of different sounding pickups and guitars.

*Guitar used in audio samples is the Solar Guitar E1.6ETC with Duncan Solar pickups.

*No EQ's, compressors and other effects applied on the guitar bus in audio samples other than a Limiter on the master bus to bring up the volume of the mixes.

Please understand that this store is manually run by the band. We are deeply sorry for any delays.